creative & strategic.


For Google I designed a poster campaign for the Google Pixel Phone. This was a Germany-wide advertorial campaign for the first Google high-end smartphone with particularly high camera quality.


This stationery project is an organic combination of eucalyptus-coloured handmade paper envelopes, high-quality Gmund Original Tactile Creme and golden details of a custom-made illustration, refined with white roses in watercolour style.

Poster Design

I am constantly engaged creating poster designs for annual events of the Munich Botanical Garden. The posters consist of handdrawn botanical illustrations and modern sans serif typography.


This new logo design in combination with a corporate pattern of sacral geometry was my submission for a new corporate design for the Cologne Cathedral.

Corporate Identity

This project represents a holistic new development of a brand called DER VERRÜCKTE BUCHMACHER. The corporate identity shows a concept of a website as well as a complete corporate design manual in addition to mission statement, vision and corporate culture.

Master Thesis

In the context of my master thesis I dealt intensively with the topic of Enhanced eBooks. Based on the Design Thinking approach I developed an applied form concept of the Enhanced eBook format.

Packaging Design

I set out to rethink the previously almost untouched Paulaner Spezi design in a conceptual, contemporary and new way, but without changing the original character of Paulaner Spezi.

Corporate Design

As conceptual design I created a small corporate design with logo, corporate pattern, typography, colors and layout for a boulangerie. The stationery is based on the real handmade paper Gmund Heidi.